Worksafe attends “Dignidad: Domestic Workers’ Journey for Justice in California” screening in the Mission

by Karin Umfrey

A sea of voices chanting “si se puede!” A chorus of applause. An echo of booing to Governor Newsoms’ veto message. A lively jam of music and dancing. These sounds encapsulated the experience of the documentary viewing event held by the California Domestic Workers Coalition.

This event took place in the Mission District in SF at the Brava Theater, which has a rich history of supporting women and highlighting the artistic expression of women, people of color, and other underrepresented voices.

The line was out the door to get inside and take pictures with their sign before entering the theater:

Worksafe staff and board members pose for a photo with the “Dignidad” backdrop & t-shirts

The documentary, Dignidad: Domestic Workers’ Journey for Justice in California, is available on PBS, and we recommend that you all watch it here. This documentary takes a dense subject, the legislative bill cycle, and breaks it down to demonstrate the power of grassroots activism and the collective experience of domestic workers fighting for fundamental health and safety protections.

This event was meant to serve as inspiration for community members and organizations to get ready for the March 1 campaign launch in Sacramento. To sign up to join the campaign launch go to:



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