Be Heard at the Cal/OSHA Standards Board

By Doug Parker, Worksafe

All eyes are on the State Capitol these days, as the legislative session plows ahead and the Newsom Administration’s policy agenda takes form. But for safety and health advocates, the policies that shape the workplace are determined before California’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board.

For a body making significant regulatory decisions for the world’s fifth largest economy, monthly Standards Board meetings have the feel of a town council meeting. For activists, that is something to be celebrated, because it provides an opportunity to be heard — and to make a significant impact.

The March meeting in Pasadena is a particularly critical one. The Board will be voting on whether California should proceed with developing an emergency temporary standard to address exposure to wildfire smoke. Worksafe is one of the Petitioners for this standard.

The March meeting also marks the close of the comment period on a rule to give employees the right to access their employer’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plan(IIPP). The proposed rule gives employees the right to a copy of the IIPP, although in its current form it does not permit access to employer records that would verify if an IIPP is being implemented.

We will be reaching out to allies to prepare comments supporting the wildfire smoke petition and a strong IIPP standard, and to attend the hearing. Contact us if you are interested in being a part of these efforts.